A Knight Eady Project

Project Spotlight:

BHM JAM was a neutral site college basketball event in Birmingham, AL that hosted two matchups of Auburn vs MTSU and UAB vs Alabama A&M.

My Role:

Portions of my role included:
  • Complete Brand Development
  • Commercial Spot
  • Court Design
  • Signage Plan and Design
  • Social Media Graphics


Brand Development

We wanted to create a fun and fresh brand for Knight Eady’s newest event. We were given a lot of creative freedom, as long as it was basketball themed.

Once we had the lightbulb moment of making it a 90’s NBA JAM arcade theme, I immediately started bringing this brand to life.

Social Media Content

I wanted to achieve a thoughtful and impactful Social Media Design leading up to the event, even though it never existed before and we had no plain photos to work with.​