A Knight Eady Project

Project Spotlight:

Sloss Sport recognizes and advances the convergence of sports and technology. Created and hosted in Birmingham, Alabama, the Sloss Sport conference focuses on listening, discussing, and interacting with the latest in creativity, innovation, and technology within the sports industry.

My Role:

Portions of my role included:
  • Complete Brand Development
  • Website design and build
  • Ticketing Platform -Purchase and Check-in
  • Signage Plan and Design
  • Social Media Graphics


Brand Development

Sloss Sport was apart of the SLOSS week in Birmingham. I wanted to create a unique, but straight forward design, but also pull some logo aspects that were in other SLOSS week events like Sloss Fest and Sloss Tech.


Design and Build

Sloss Sport's entire online presence would always be directed to its website. This is due to it being a ticketed event and having our checkout platform that I integrated to live on the site, and not on a 3rd party platform like EventBrite.

I built the site for stability and ease of check-out in order to promote the purchase conversions.

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